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Stargirl Reviews

ok but like... im literally obsessed with "sisters"


i applied it one time today and it literally lasts hours. loved it!


loved the lipstick doll!


they are so cute and I love the colors!


hermanas que trabajan

About Us

"My sister Nisha and I have always had a passion for make-up ever since we were younger, Nisha was the one who inspired me to go in the beauty industry because it was so fun and creative, in our journey of make-up we encoutered a lot of blocks, we always struggled finding the perfect nude liquid lipstick. But after years of struggling we decided to make our own that is just as unique as us!"

"Shany and I are very different I like my light nude, minimlist tones, and Shany likes her dark, crazy colors. we are the complete opposite but we balance each other out. That is what we wanted to show in our beauty brand, we are opposites but fit like a puzzle."

Through our make up and our story We want to help people who encounter the same problems as we did, we want to reach all the minimalist and outgoing individuals.